Part 2 – Lane Homes and Granny Flats: OFF Grid … Even in the City!

This modest little Toronto Lane Home proposal collects and cleans its own water. It collects and stores energy from the sun. It even has a little roof top garden. It replaced 4 derelict garages. In a land, in a city, in a culture that has valued cars and roads more than people, Spaces By Rohan Inc. developed this Laneway House prototype with the help of an actual chemical engineer who specializes in water filtration and water habitat regeneration. Andrew Hellebust P.Eng. of Rivercourt Engineering Inc. and a kind, visionary lawyer who I won’t name at this moment. Maybe later.

Toronto finds itself on another building and planning precipice. In fact many of our major cities are on this same precipice with slight variations. What choices are we going to make this time? Cars or People? Merit-based capitalism where the floating of all boats is encouraged through imagination, creativity and merit. …. Or do we continue to descend towards more greed, avarice, selfishness, ‘nimby – ism’, the hoarding of resources, the hoarding of opportunity and the hoarding of power?

Here is another contribution by Spaces By Rohan Inc. towards creative and inclusive capitalism. Merit based, environmentally forward entrepreneurship. I call this the Water House a.k.a. The Off-Grid Lane House. The Water House can go almost anywhere. Really, almost anywhere!

Here is a limited sketch presentation. I hope it’s enough for now. I’m looking for a client with the vision and ovaries to make this happen. If not I’ll have to be my own wonderful client again. But but but … I’d really like to share some of this wealth of imagination and accomplishment. If you know anyone, have them get in touch.

The size: Between 70 and 100 square meters (700 to 1000 square feet)

In the spirit of “Enlightened’ capitalism please feel free to copy, paste, share, develop, evolve, study and USE FREELY! Let’s start a great party of enlightenment from the smallest to the largest. Let this modest (in size only) be another of my contributions better living alternatives. Cheers y’all!