At Spaces by Rohan we value our client's design concepts, questions and concerns. Respected for our environmental approach, community oriented philosophy and graceful design work, our firm attends to the needs of individuals, growing families, grassroots businesses and internationally focused collectives; consulting on everything from stylized expression and sensual sensibility to pioneering ventilation and sound-scaping possibilities, Spaces by Rohan assists you in making aesthetic choices while maintaining functional efficiency.

By working independently or through collaboration with other professionals, Spaces by Rohan is simply the firm that creates innovative solutions for better living.

"My greatest interest in architecture has always been to offer people well-designed, smart, sustainable and truly comfortable spaces for living and creating within our natural environment...the challenge has always been to make form flow to the tempo we most desire"

Rohan Walters, Spaces By Rohan

Why Choose Spaces by Rohan

Innovative solutions for better living.